How I Work

How I Work Img 1Therapy is all about you.

It is your experience, wholly and entirely. I am here to guide you through the healing process, offering support, encouragement, and compassion as we collaborate toward your deeper connection with you and others.

To support lasting change, we must not only activate new thoughts, behaviors, and connection to emotions, but we must bring this awareness to the body and the spirit.

To do this, we will be vacillating between these four levels of change throughout our work together:

Cognitive: On this level, we work on identifying the fears, beliefs, and thinking patterns that no longer serve you. Together, we’ll challenge these habits and rewire your brain to see new possibilities.

Heart: This is the emotional level. We don’t just think new thoughts; we also have to create an emotional resonance if we want real change. I will help you tap into your emotions as you shift your thinking patterns.

Spirit: This is the level that is, in some ways, bigger than you. Together, we’ll activate wisdom that is greater than the conscious mind. You do not need to be spiritual or religious to access this part of you to effect change. This level allows us to envision a life, future, and self that is otherwise hard to imagine.

Body: Thoughts and emotions frequently become trapped in the body for years on end. So if we want to make sustainable change, it’s imperative that we tap into the physical side. You’ll learn skills to become more aware of the messages your body is sending and how to use them to facilitate growth.

Take the next steps toward healing.

Phase 1: Acknowledging what is.
We’ll start by getting to know each other, identifying where you are currently and what you want to change. This is an opportunity to take stock of who you are and what you truly want from life. Just slowing down to observe and notice things can make life so much clearer.

Phase 2: Noticing what’s going well.
This is a phase I try to revisit often, but one that sometimes feels antithetical to therapy. Don’t we have to find the problems to fix them? Establishing the right balance between positives and negatives is essential to healing and transformation, so we will continually revisit this in our work together.

Phase 3: Identifying and implementing new things.
In this phase, we’ll start to build practices, routines, rituals, and habits that you can slowly begin to incorporate into your daily life to support your goals. You’ll learn specific strategies based on your unique needs that will help you connect with yourself and find the answers you’re looking for.

Phase 4: Incorporating tools and practices into your daily life and working with them in sessions.
This is the bulk of the work we will do together, so the time frame varies based on your unique situation. This process often ebbs and flows, so there can be significant progress and periods of perceived backsliding, but that is all part of the process! It’s the only way to learn and grow.

Phase 5: Integration
This is when you truly start to experience lasting change. You’ll see your perspective shifting and feel a sense of confidence that your inner compass will guide you in the right direction. Any changes you still want to make will become far less overwhelming than when you started your journey here.

Let’s work together!

The journey can look very different depending on your particular needs, abilities, and circumstances.

Let’s collaborate to create goals together, keeping in mind that the intention is ultimately to end therapy. The most important part is that we communicate openly and honestly.

Now is the time to explore the parts of yourself you’re scared to look at and finally find the healing you deserve.