Therapy for Parents

2216278693You knew being a parent would be hard, but not THIS hard.

Balancing your children’s needs with those of your partner, your career, and yourself is exhausting and overwhelming.

You are your own last priority, and you can’t find even a moment to slow down and catch your breath.

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember the person you used to be – what it’s like to have things you enjoy and a life of your own.

It feels like you’re losing your cool more and more frequently.

Lately, you’ve been reacting rashly with your kids, yelling at or punishing them, only to feel ashamed of yourself immediately after.

You swore you would never treat your kids like your parents treated you, and it hurts to see yourself doing exactly that.

So you beat yourself up, ruminating endlessly and judging yourself harshly.

You’re not sure how much longer you can go on like this.

All the time spent reading parenting books and scrolling social media for help only leaves you feeling worse about yourself.

You know, intuitively, there is a different way, but getting there feels like an insurmountable task.

Now is the time to try something else: be more present for your partner, your kids, and yourself.

1945019674It’s possible to learn another way.

Day-to-day life is so hectic that developing new skills feels hopeless.

But you can learn to accept your limitations and imperfections and navigate the ups and downs of parenting with resilience.

As you connect more deeply with yourself and your needs, you’ll be able to regulate your emotions better and respond to challenges in a productive and empowering way.

Mindful parenting can be the answer.

Mindful parenting does not mean being a “perfect parent.” Instead, it means being consciously aware of what’s happening instead of letting yourself be hijacked by emotions.

Mindfulness is about letting go of your guilt and shame about the past and focusing on right now. It’s about accepting whatever is happening rather than trying to change or ignore it.

Of course, there will be moments when you get angry or upset, but as long as you pay attention to what you’re feeling, you can prevent yourself from acting on your emotions in a harmful way.

Let me help you become the parent you want to be.

I’ll partner with you to slow down your thoughts, identify your unique needs, and, using various tools, help you connect with yourself and your family more deeply.

It’s not easy; it takes practice, and there will be good days and bad, but you can do it. From time to time, you may lose focus, but this is simply a new opportunity to make a different choice – the choice to be present.

Make a change for the better and start living aligned with your values and who you authentically are.