Therapy for Working Professionals

1368244247Work is burning you out.

You work in a fast-paced, demanding job in a field unfortunately known for high burnout rates, depression, and anxiety.

Loneliness and isolation are becoming more prevalent in your life all the time.

And lately, you’ve begun to wonder how much longer you can sustain this fevered pace.

It’s like you’re always pretending to be someone you’re not.

There’s a constant negative dialog in your head that you’ve gotten so used to, you barely notice anymore.

You spend so much energy masking who you truly are, and keeping up this front in combination with working leaves you profoundly drained.

Attempts to change these habits through diet, exercise, or therapy have all proven futile.

There is another way forward.

If you’re ready to find a better way to live, you’ve come to the right place.

We can help you let go of the negative beliefs and behaviors holding you back and create healthier, more sustainable habits in their place.

In incremental steps, I’ll partner with you to uncover your inner wisdom and reveal exactly the kind of life you truly want to live so you can start living it!